About News From Nan

The News from Nan website, which was created by Dick and Anna in 1998,┬áis an interactive, intergenerational newsletter dedicated to the memory of Anna’s mom, Nettie (Nan) Riedel van Raaphorst (1906-2000).

“News from Nan” originated as a printed newsletter, which was (snail-)mailed periodically to Nan’s many friends and family members to keep them informed about her recovery from the stroke she had in 1988, and to provide a way for her to stay in touch with them.

The original website version of the newsletter was coded in raw HTML.

News from Nan website, August 1999
News from Nan website, August 1999 – coded in raw HTML

From 2004 to about 2008 it was produced using Dreamweaver.

News from Nan, 2008 - produced using Dreamweaver
News from Nan, March 2008 – produced using Dreamweaver

In about 2009 we converted it to Drupal and more recently to WordPress.

We’ve kept it going through the years because it’s been a nice creative outlet and also a good way to keep in touch with our friends and family. We enjoy highlighting our family’s trips, events, and accomplishments, and we also use it to share family history and stories with others. Doing it is a labor of love for us, and we hope it provides information and enjoyment for others.

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