Valentine greetings from Nan (1995)

(Anna’s comments) Nan wrote this Valentine’s Day tribute to friends and family in 1995. It was originally published as a “News from Nan” snail-mail newsletter. I still appreciate the sentiment almost 25 years later.

February 14, 1995

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s time to send valentines to those we love and to those who have done kind things for us. And I have a terrible problem! There are so many of you in both categories that I can’t even begin to find valentines — let alone pay the postage!

So this is a comprehensive love letter. If it reaches you, pass the word that the days of my old age [she was 88 at the time] are made mellow by thoughts of the wonderful parents I had, the special little brotherly and sisterly favors I have received from my brothers and sister and their families, the students in my classes during over 20 years (there were at least 2000 of them — great kids and great families, too), and the wonderful people over the years who have contributed everything  from a handful of early fruit from their gardens, to a bouquet, to a friendly smile, to a lift on the highway.

I look back over a long road sprinkled with forget-me-nots!

With Valentine Love, Nan