The Carr Family revealed

I recently contacted the Cayuga County Historians Office in Auburn, NY and asked them for any information they might have about my great grandfather, William Moseley. William lived to be 90 years old and had three wives. He outlived them all. His last wife was Mary Carr (1872-1921), who was my step great grandmother. Prior to hearing from the Historian’s Office, I only knew her name and date of birth and death.

Included in the package I received from the Historian was an article about Mary’s death. The article mentioned that her father was Robert Carr. With that bit of information I did some searching and quickly found that Mary was born in Skankeateles, NY and had 7 siblings. I also learned that her father Robert enlisted in 1864 in the Union Army during the Civil War. On September 5, 1864 he joined the 3rd New York Artillery. A little more digging on the Internet showed that the 3rd Artillery was part of Sherman’s march through Georgia, a very famous campaign near the end of the war.

All this information was unlocked for me by one sentence in a report!