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Animas River, one of our favorites

As we often do these days, we arrived a day early (April 15, 2017) for our archaeological survey trip near Cortez, Colorado. The extra time gives us an opportunity to get acclimatized to the location (we’re at 6500 feet) and look around the neighborhood a bit.

We spent the afternoon walking near the Animas River (one of our all-time favorites!) that flows through Durango. It was a beautiful spring day, and we had plenty of company (walkers, joggers, bikers, kayakers) along the way.

Blue kayak, Animas River
Blue kayak, Animas River (Anna)
Anna at Harmony Park (why doesn't every town have a "harmony park"?)
Anna at Harmony Park (why doesn’t every town have a “harmony park”?: fun to play!) (Dick)
Durango-Silverton train track
Durango-Silverton train track (Dick)
Red kayak, Animas River
Red kayak, Animas River (Anna)