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Highlights 2015

November 17, 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving, St Nicolaas Day, Christmas, and other end-of-year holidays! Dick and I hope you and yours have had a good 2015 and are looking forward to new adventures in 2016. We certainly are!

Here are some of our highlights from 2015, in words and pictures.

5K race in San Luis Obispo
5K race in San Luis Obispo
Hiking at Carver Lake with the Blomquists
Hiking at Carver Lake with the Blomquists
Ellen's 50th birthday party
Ellen’s 50th birthday party
Ono Family Restaurant on Kauai
Ono Family Restaurant on Kauai
Tiny House Hotel in Portland
Tiny House Hotel in Portland
  • We’ve now been living in The Villages, a senior community, for over four years (two in our current house). Like many other residents, we enjoy the security, tranquility, and beauty, and we’re active in the camera club and a couple of volunteer committees.
  • Our longest trip this year was with Road Scholar to Alaska in June. We were honored to see Mt. Denali (officially renamed from Mt. McKinley later in the year). We visited both Denali and Kenai national parks and had a wonderful time.
  • In September we visited Portland and stayed in a tiny house. We also did some biking and hiking throughout the year.
  • As usual, we participated in a number of 5K races, this year both in the Bay Area and as far south as San Luis Obispo and as far west as Hawaii. Our running inspiration is “Joe,” someone we see often at running events. At age 88 he is still running upwards of 50 races per year!
  • In October we wrapped up our two-year artifact cataloging and photography project (CCARP) for the Computer History Museum. Our group of about 15 volunteers processed about 10,000 backlogged items. We’ve now started an archiving project for the museum, which promises to be just as much fun.
  • Our other regular volunteering efforts are the Deer Hollow Farm garden in Cupertino, a place where we also like to hike, and the Evergreen High School instrumental music program website.
  •  We’re pleased to be close enough to the Livengoods to see them often, which we enjoy tremendously. Miranda’s music activities are always fun. (In April her wind ensemble played at Carnegie Hall). Matthew is in his second year at West Valley College and is leaning toward a career in physical therapy or kinesiology. He’s recently taken up golf. This year we took a couple of history classes with Ellen in the Stanford continuing education program. She left IBM and went to Netflix this year — good move! Rick is still at Intel and still traveling a lot, both domestically and internationally.
  • We wish we were nearer to the Blomquists, who live near Lake Minnetonka just west of Minneapolis. We visited them twice this year, in May and October, and during the spring visit were happy to help them get their summer garden growing. The kids are busy with school and other activities, including parkour, fishing, and video games (Archer), and art, music, and Girl Scouts (Helena). Gillian and Mike are also busy at work and carpooling the kids. Gillian and her law partner are moving to a new office in December.
  • In July, along with the Blomquist and Livengood families, we visited the island of Kauai. Our “excuse” was the many significant birthdays and anniversaries in the family. For example, the Livengoods were celebrating their 20th anniversary (they were married on a Kauai beach), and the Blomquists their 15th. Ellen, Gillian, and Mike all had “zero-year” birthdays. Archer will be 10 in December. It was a fun gathering!
  • Also over the summer we hosted a guest from the van Raaphorst clan: Haley, daughter of Jeff, and my great-grand niece. Haley just graduated from the University of Colorado in economics and was doing an internship in the Bay Area. We greatly enjoyed her company and exchanging news and views from “the younger generation.”
  • Our last trip this year will be to Oaxaca, in December. We’re looking forward to seeing historic and archaeological wonders, and to participating in local Christmas and New Year’s traditions.

Love to you all, and all the best in 2016. -Anna and Dick