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Another graduation and visit to Minnesota

Thursday, June 8, 2017

We’re in Shorewood, Minnesota, visiting the Blomquists; the specific occasion is Archer’s graduation from the 5th grade and promotion into middle school starting in the fall. We enjoyed the ceremony yesterday, and today we tagged along with Gillian to Minneapolis (she had a court hearing) and walked a historic stone bridge over the Mississippi.

Closer to home, we’ve enjoyed meeting the newest Blomquist dog, Nora (1 year old and full of youthful energy), seeing the garden in full bloom, admiring the latest Blomquist home and yard renovations, and just hanging out with the family and dogs (Boomer is now 4 and sometimes struggling to keep up with his baby sister).

The weather is lovely and we’re having a great time!

Archer being congratulated by his teacher, Mrs. Lund
Archer being congratulated by his teacher, Mrs. Lund
Archer's graduation
Archer’s graduation
Gillian's flowers in full bloom
Gillian’s flowers in full bloom
Dick on the stone bridge
Dick on the Stone Arch Bridge
Anna by the mill ruins
Anna by the mill ruins
St. Anthony Falls
Saint Anthony Falls