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Dear (and I do mean dear) Eliz

(Anna’s comments) Nan taught high school for 20 years, 10 in Michigan and 10 in California. She found the following note after class one day and saved it. Some years ago (I’d guess about 1985) she gave me a copy with her commentary at the bottom.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day and young love…

May 2, 1959

Dear (and I do mean dear) Eliz,

I have come to the conclusion that I like you and for a loooong time I have and just wouldn’t let myself believe it. How does that grab ya?

Affectionately, Wayne


I am writing a letter because I could never say this to you unless I got you alone. (When I talk to a person I like to talk to or write to just that one person and not everyone and their mother-in-law.) (((((Hint.))))) Do you like me is the only question left in my mind that needs answering. Now for the butter.

Let me tell you why I like you. In my eyes you (I hope you’re like this) are all I desire in a woman. Beautiful, nice, shapely, young, churchly, excellently personalized, ambitious (et tu Brute) and also I hope kind of plane (plain) (I don’t know which). You see (now) exactly how you are, huh? I don’t see how you can be all those scrumptious adjectives, yet be plane (plain)? I hate upedy girls, dumb girls, and the type that beat you at croquet or ping-pong. I know you are none of the above. You had better not be, at least.

Well so much for the butter now a request. Write me a letter. Tell me about myself and then in a week or so I’ll ask you out or something we’ll talk for awhile. By the way, I love to stear at you and gaze into your eyes. Let’s do it some time, OK? Are you expensive? I prefer the less eating etc. type. I’ll count the minutes until you write me a letter. Please like me.

(Nan’s comments) I found this in my room after school one night when I was teaching. Maybe I showed it to you then. Now that you have had teenagers and another coming up, it may interest you to read it again. Don’t laugh too hard; I kind of like Wayne! If it were my daughter whose eyes he wanted to “stear” into though, I expect he’d scare me pink! He sounds as though he is sort of hot on the trail.

(Anna’s comments) I have mixed feelings about Wayne, too — I appreciate his enthusiasm but worry about his pushiness and excessive rule-making! What do you think?