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Adam Friederich Metsch, first Metsch immigrant born in Amsterdam

My great-grandfather, Adam Friederich Metsch, born September 2, 1824, was the first Metsch family member to be born in Amsterdam.

Adam’s family, the Metsch family of Württemberg, which is now part of Germany, had lived in or near the town of Hessigheim (near Stuttgart) for generations.

For reasons unknown today, Adam’s father, Christian Friederich Metsch, migrated from Hessigheim to Amsterdam in about 1822. He soon married there (to Jansje Barendsen), and Adam was born two years later.

Adam’s father brought with him to Amsterdam a book of important family events, which he had written himself: “Family Book of Worster, Metsch and Monderen.” The book was passed on to Adam’s son and grandson, both named Chris. After the younger Chris died, his widow transcribed the information and mailed it to my tante Bets (my dad’s sister) in Port Huron, Michigan.

The entry in the image is for Chris himself (the book’s author).

This is how a lot of family information is passed on through the generations, in a rather haphazard and accidental way! Tante Bets was thrilled to get it and immediately shared it with my mother, who was our family historian.

If you look carefully at the record above you will see that Chris is the son of Adam Friederich Metsch (our ancestors loved to reuse names!) and Eva Rosina Metsch. My mother used to say that my dad and I have absolute proof that we descended from Adam and Eve! And, yes, both Adam Sr. and Eva had the same surname.

The book also has an entry for Adam Jr.; translated into English it reads: “2 Sept 1824 is born my oldest son, Adam Friederich Metsch, this evening at 9:30 p.m. May his name also be inscribed in Heaven.”

I don’t know if Adam’s name ever got inscribed in heaven, but here it is on a website in the 21st century!

We have also found  Metsch family information among baptismal and marriage records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hessigheim, and in recently created online records.

Johanna Dopheide was Adam’s third wife. 

Happy 194th birthday, Great-grandpa Adam Friederich Metsch!

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