Tads and Trolls

P. S. Tad arrived safe and sound in Shorewood, Minnesota today, Monday, September 17!

  • Original Tad, 2002

Sixteen years ago our talented son-in-law, Mike Blomquist, who was living in Arizona at the time, gave us a great gift: a “tad-like” creature named… Tad (or sometimes called Original Tad).

Since then Mike has created many more tads, some of which were given to other family members and (sadly) some that got left behind in Arizona when Mike and Gillian moved from Arizona to Minnesota.

Original Tad has been our stalwart friend and companion through many moves and other adventures. Now he is on a solo adventure that is taking him from our porch to his original family’s home in Shorewood, Minnesota. There he will join Swiss Mountain Tad, and on our next visit to see the Blomquists we will take them Tad’s dog, Fido, to keep them both company.

We’ll post an announcement when he arrives.

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