Ehregott August Albin family, about 1868 in Germany

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About the Schreiter family

The Schreiters are Anna’s mother’s maternal ancestors. Anna’s mother, Nettie (Nan) Riedel van Raaphorst, was one of six children born to Louis and Anna Schreiter Riedel, both immigrants from Germany.

Anna's maternal ancestors: Schreiter
Anna’s maternal ancestors: Schreiter

Both the Riedel and Schreiter families migrated in 1873 from Saxony, Germany, to Forestville, Michigan, as part of a group known as Colonia Saxonia (Saxon Colony). The Schreiter family at the time of their migration consisted of Ehregott August Albin (Alvin) Schreiter, his wife, Friederike Luise (Louise) Joram Schreiter, and three children. Anna van Raaphorst’s grandmother and namesake, Anna Maria Schreiter, was a baby when she immigrated.

The Schreiter immigration trunk is shown below; it held almost all the family’s possessions that they brought with them to the New World.

Schreiter immigration trunk
Schreiter immigration trunk
Saxony, Germany
Saxony, Germany
Forestville, Michigan
Forestville, Michigan

Anna Schreiter was the youngest child in the family when they migrated (twin girls were either stillborn or died when the family was still in Germany). Five more girls and one boy were born in the United States.

Anna Schreiter and 3 of her younger sisters
Anna Schreiter and 3 of her younger sisters
Anna Schreiter
Anna Maria Schreiter

Alvin Schreiter described the group’s and his family’s migration and life in the New World in a set of letters to his oldest brother in Germany; the first was written soon after they arrived in October 1873. The letters have been preserved and translated into English. In the 1973 letter he enclosed a map of the village of Forestville where the family received a parcel of land drawn by lot, which they turned into a small family farm.

Map of Forestville, annotated by Alvin Schreiter
Map of Forestville, annotated by Alvin Schreiter

Both Alvin and Louise stayed on their Forestville farm for the rest of their lives. Louise died young, in her forties, and Alvin raised the children still at home until the girls were old enough to go into service, and eventually to get married.

Louise Dorsch Schreiter
Louise Dorsch Schreiter
Alvin Schreiter on his farm
Alvin Schreiter on his farm
Anna Schreiter Riedel and her namesake, Anna van Raaphorst
Anna Schreiter Riedel and her namesake, Anna van Raaphorst

Ancestor surnames

  • Breuer (Bräuer)
  • Dorsch
  • Feige
  • Hermann
  • Illig
  • Kreissig
  • Lissner (Leissner)
  • Nestler
  • Niklas
  • Pech
  • Queck
  • Rehm
  • Schlund
  • Schreiter
  • Talkauer (Thalkauer)
  • Theumer (Teubner)

Unanswered questions about the Schreiters

  • Are any of Anna Schreiter’s older brother Edward Paul’s descendants still alive?

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