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VIZ showing locations of our homes
VIZ showing locations of our homes

In 2021 we started a project to write about places we’ve lived during our lifetimes. We expect that the project might take a year or more to complete.

Anna collected a list of all our addresses. Dick looked up the geo-coordinate location for each, and then used graphing software built in to the R programming language to display them.

Dick’s VIZ image above displays on a map where they all are. The numbers in the image above are a count of how many addresses we’ve had at various locations in the United States. As you can see, we have moved around a lot, and most of our homes have been in California.

The dot marked “17”  on the map refers to the 17 different addresses we’ve had in Santa Clara County. No wonder some of our friends and relatives complain that we’ve caused total ruin to their paper address books!

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