Places we’ve called home: Forestville MI (1940s, Anna)

We recently started a project to write about places we’ve lived during our lifetimes. We expect that the project might take severalĀ  years to complete.

I never lived in Forestville, Michigan, as a full-time resident, but my parents and I did spendĀ  time there during the summer. It was also the summertime gathering place for many of my mother’s relatives, the Riedel family.

The property, located in the southern part of Lake Huron, was bought by my maternal grandparents when my mother and her younger brother, Paul, were youngsters. In my grandparents’ later years, they divided the property into separate lots, one for each of their children.

My mother got the lot next to the one where the original cottage was located. It didn’t have a “real” house, but it did have the chicken/turkey coop where my grandmother had kept her flocks in the early days. My mother cleaned it up and stayed there sometimes during the summer when she was still single and teaching in different parts of the state.

Anna Schreiter Riedel and her hens
Anna Schreiter Riedel and her hens

It never had either a bathroom (or a kitchen): visitors either borrowed facilities from other family members or used the outhouse that still stood down by the garage.

When it was first opened up around Memorial Day (“Decoration Day” in those years) the wasps had usually taken over the ceiling, and the mice had built nests in the boxes where I stored my comic books.

Pictured below are Ellen and Tim in 1976, when we (Gillian, also) drove to Michigan from California towing a tent trailer. Of course we stopped at the cottage!

Both my mother and I have written other posts about the cottage, so I’ll close this post and start thinking about my next one, which will talk about my first home in California, in 1951.

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