Highlights 1996


December 6, 1996

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We had two big milestones in 1996: the birth of our first grandson, Matthew, and Nan’s 90th birthday. The first section of this post is Nan’s reaction to her birthday party, which was held on November 24 (her actual birthday was December 6).

Nan’s post

Dear Friends.

This is the most exciting birthday I have ever had: like a Family Reunion, Homecoming-at-School, and Fourth-of-July, all wrapped up together.

With the best intentions in the world I started to write my delighted thanks for the good letters and pictures immediately on receipt of same, but you are too fast for me! I just can’t read-and-enjoy and get answers written at the same time. Be assured that I am loving it all. Seeing you with your beautiful families, and remembering you as “my kids’’ — and I’ll keep trying to overcome the brake that 90 years applies. Surely never was anyone more lucky than I! What a wonderful life! Thank you for being a lovely part of it!

With very much love to all – Au Revoir – Auf Wiedersehen – Till next time!

Aunt Nettie [Nan]

Anna and Dick’s post

We’re all pleased by the overwhelming response to our invitation to join us in celebrating Mom’s 90th birthday. She got letters, cards, pictures, and clippings – and they’re still arriving! And the party on November 24th was great fun, with a bunch a local friends and relatives participating as well as a few who traveled for the occasion.

Another big event this year was the birth of our grandson, Hayward  Matthew Livengood (known as Matt) on July 17. Matt shares his birthday with his cousin, Cade Van Raaphorst. The two met for the first lime about a month ago when Jeff and Christi paid us a visit (to our delight).

Matt is now over 4 months old and is very much the center of attention. He is a real people person – very friendly and interested in everybody, and loves to communicate by “talking” and spitting. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa love it when he visits. We’ve had no trouble adjusting to the grandparent role and watching Ellen and Rick, the “kids,” become Ellen and Rick, the parents. Time passes…

Gillian has just celebrated her 21st birthday and is enjoying her senior year at Arizona State in Tempe (Phoenix). She’s been active in campus affairs and is in the honors college. She’s applying to 6 or 8 universities in the West, Midwest, and East for graduate work in Public Policy or Public Affairs. Last summer she worked at a marketing communications agency and they loved her work and hated to see her go.

Tim and Colette are at the moment in Germany visiting a friend ~ and next week will fly to India on their way around the world! They left November 12 and have already been in New Jersey, New York, Amsterdam, and Switzerland.

Colette graduated from Hayward State in June and worked for about 5 months doing plant restoration work at the Presidio in San Francisco. Tim has been contracting in software programming (mostly database) and is still working on his Herbweb project. They decided to do a 6-month “sabbatical” – it’s nice that they have friends in a lot of the places they want to see. They plan to be back in May – just in time for Gillian’s graduation.

Rick also went on a sabbatical this year – trekking to Nepal. And to round out Ellen and Rick’s news (a very big year for them!), they bought a house in the Santa Cruz Mountains about a month ago. It’s a cute place, surrounded by redwoods, and gives them quite a bit more space than they had before. Ellen is still working as an audiologist, and she has just started helping me write a book on international communications. And, of course, is busy being a mom!

We also moved in August. We’re in a 3-story townhouse located on a creek and surrounded by redwood, sycamore, and oak trees. We’re very happy with both the house and the location. On the first floor is a guest bedroom suite (where Gillian hangs out when she’s home, and also for company). The second floor is the living room and kitchen, and the third has two bedrooms, the bigger of which we’re using as an office (got to have room for all those computers!). The house looks like a ski cabin in the woods, complete with stairwell open to the roof and tall windows. We’re again in Cupertino (where we left 10 years ago), which is in between Palo Alto and San Jose and only 2 miles from our favorite running spot in the world.