North wind

I just came back from a run at Ulistac, one of my favorite local open space preserves. I’ve laid out a zig-zag course for myself (about 2 or 2.5 miles) that starts on the levee of the Guadalupe River, goes back and forth on the two gravel paths, and ends with a run down the Lick Mill sidewalk.

The first leg is tough, because you’re running against the north wind coming off San Francisco Bay. We appreciate it in our neighborhood because it acts as a natural air conditioner, keeping our temperature in summer about 5 degrees cooler than downtown San Jose and points south.

The wind hit me hard today because I did hills yesterday. Sometimes this summer, which has been one of the coolest on record, the north wind can make you feel almost cold, even while running at top speed, which in my case isn’t much to brag about.

I looked for the pair of jackrabbits I saw the last time I was at Ulistac, but they didn’t show this afternoon.