Trailblazer race (“My myectomy recovery II”)

Anna crossing the finish line in the Trailblazer 5K
Anna crossing the finish line in the Trailblazer 5K

On September 25, 2022, Dick and I both participated in the Trailblazer 5K in Mountain View, California. We both shaved minutes off our 5K times and enjoyed the experience very much.

The race was significant for several reasons:

  • Although the race has a long history and is very popular with Bay Area runners, it hadn’t been scheduled for two years due to the COVID pandemic.
  • It is the first 5K Dick and I have done in about a year.
  • It is my first (of two) “recovery” races after my open-heart surgery on March 24. My goal was to run a 5K in under an hour, and I made it in 58:43. The race took place one day past the six-month mark since the surgery.
  • Dick ran the race in record time for him: 54:01.

Ellen and Rick very kindly hosted us while we were in town for the race, and they drove up to Mountain View to cheer us on and take a few pictures.

The glass is half full!

Anna with Ellen and Rick
Anna with Ellen and Rick
Two octogenarians in the winner's circle
There were TWO female octogenarians in the winner’s circle! I hope to see Kathryn again in future competitions.

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