Ethel, Rose, and Harriet LaRose

My great grandmother, Harriet Eliza LaRose

Harriet LaRose was my grandmother Eva LaRose Johnson’s mother. She was born on February 17, 1869 in Ontario, Canada. I never knew Harriet, since she died before I was born, in 1934 in Tonawanda, New York. Her nickname was Hattie.

In the picture above, Harriet is on the far right. Her sisters Ethel and Rose are to the left.

Harriet married John Darling Robins in 1887 and together they had five daughters, so my grandmother had four sisters. Harriet and John lived on a farm in Ontario after they were married, but in 1911 they immigrated to the United States to Tonawanda, New York.

The LaRose family has roots in Canada that stretch back to the 18th century in Quebec and Norfolk County, Ontario. Harriet’s parents William LaRose and Mary Bye LaRose had a very large family with 13 children.

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