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About the Moseley (Wilkins) family

The Moseleys (the name is also spelled Mosley and Mosely) are Dick’s mother’s paternal ancestors. Members of the Moseley line were from England, and members of the Burns line were born in Ireland.

Richard Johnson's maternal line: Moseley (Wilkins)
Richard Johnson’s maternal line: Moseley (Wilkins)

Dick’s mother Lillian was the only child of Edward Moseley, oldest child of William Moseley and Catherine Burns, his first wife.

Lillian Moseley
Lillian Moseley

Lillian’s father, Edward (Shortie) Moseley, was born in Auburn, New York in 1882. Between 1903 and 1908, Edward was in the US Navy. He served on several battleships in the Philippines just after the insurrection. He married my grandmother Louise Rebmann in 1917 in Buffalo, New York. Edward and Louise lived in Tonawanda, New York, where Edward worked as a carpenter for Lake Erie Engineering. Toward the end of his life, Edward lived with my parents in Lemon Grove, California,

William Joseph Moseley was born in 1862 at Handsworth, Staffordshire, England.  He was born out of wedlock. His mother was Emma Wilkins, and his father is unknown. He was adopted by his grandmother Mary Glover and her 2nd husband Henry Hawkins Moseley.  William’s mother Emma left England and moved to France and in 1870 married Auguste Bodet in Vernantes, France.

Emma and Auguste had two daughters, Marie Irma Bodet and Marguerite Jeanne Bodet, who were William’s half sisters. The sisters were both born in Saumur, France in the 1870s.

Emma Wilkins
Emma Wilkins

William immigrated in about 1879 to Auburn, New York, where he first worked as an employee at the Auburn Button Factory. Later he had his own business as a general contractor. He also served as alderman (member of the city council) for the city of Auburn circa 1910.

William was married three times, and he outlived all of his wives. After bearing five children, Catherine Burns, William’s first wife, died at the age of 24. The three surviving children were Edward, Mary (Mamie) E, and Elizabeth C. Other children William and Catherine died at birth or in infancy.

William and Catherine Moseley
William and Catherine Moseley
Edward and Mary (Mamie) Moseley
Edward and Mary (Mamie) Moseley
William, Edward, Elizabeth and Mary Moseley
William, Edward, Elizabeth and Mary Moseley

William and his second wife, Anna C Burns, who was Catherine’s sister, had three children. Only one, Joseph William, survived past infancy. Children Hannah and William died at birth or in infancy.

According to various U.S. records, Catherine and Anna Burns (as well as their mother, Anna Moran and father Michael Burns) were born in Ireland. The Burns family probably immigrated to the United States in 1870 and lived in Scipio, NY, near Auburn.

Mary (Mamie) Moseley and her grandmother Anna Burns
Mary Moseley and her grandmother Anna Moran Burns

William and his third wife, Mary Carr, had two children, William Henry Moseley and Thomas Wilkins Moseley.

In total William had ten children, six of whom survived to adulthood.

From 1900 until his death in 1952, William lived in a house on 34 Mary Street in Auburn, New York. The original owner of the house was Jane (Jennie) Wilkins Scotton. Jane was Emma’s sister. Jennie helped raise William’s children and they called her “Auntie”.

Jane Wilkins Scotton
Jane Wilkins Scotton

William died at age 90 by falling down a flight of stairs. Daughter Elizabeth, who never married, kept house for William for the last 30 years of his life.

Ancestor surnames

  • Burns
  • Glover
  • Moseley, Mosely, Mosley
  • Wilkins

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