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This page was updated December 22, 2020.

December 2020 update

During the past several months I’ve been working with Metsch family members to compare family trees and determine if we are related. Using only a paper trail (and not relying on DNA evidence), we have discovered that we are 6th cousins, 1x removed! They are the most distant cousins that I’m aware of, and I’m proud of our collective genealogical sleuthing!

Our common ancestor is Daniel Metsch (1672-1741), who was born and died in Hessigheim, Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

About the Metsch family

The Metsches are Anna’s father’s maternal ancestors. Many female descendants of Elisabeth Johanna Maria, Anna’s grandmother, were named for her. Elisabeth died in 1939, less than two years before Anna was born.

Anna's paternal ancestors: Metsch
Anna’s paternal ancestors: Metsch

The Metsch family lived in or near Hessigheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, for many generations; Elisabeth’s grandfather, Christian Friedrich Metsch, migrated to Amsterdam in about 1820, where Elisabeth’s father, Adam Friedrich, and his children were born. Elisabeth had an older sister, Hendrika, and a younger brother, Christiaan.

Hessigheim, Germany
Hessigheim, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

In 1880 Elisabeth married Christiaan Frederik van Raaphorst in the Old Church (de Oude Kerk), a famous landmark in Amsterdam. Elisabeth was a lifelong Evangelical Lutheran. She and Chris had 7 children, one of whom died in his teen years, of tuberculosis contracted from working in a cigar factory.

Chris and Elisabeth van Raaphorst
Chris and Elisabeth van Raaphorst

In 1910 Elisabeth immigrated with her husband and two of her children first to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and then to the Detroit area of Michigan, where she lived for the rest of her life.

Sarnia, Ontario
Sarnia, Ontario
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan

Elisabeth was friends with a well-known Dutch artist Jan Sluyters. He once gave her one of his sketches.

Sketch by Jan Sluyters
Sketch by Jan Sluyters

Ancestor surnames

  • Amman
  • Barendsen
  • Fijnbeld
  • Grossmeier
  • Haeussler
  • Holbein
  • Hongerer
  • Metsch
  • Mose
  • Naegele
  • Niemöller
  • Veigel
  • Wijbeld

Unanswered questions about the Metsches

  • When and how did Elisabeth meet Jan Sluyters?
  • Are any descendants of Elisabeth’s siblings still living in the Netherlands?
  • Are there still Metsches still living in Hessigheim, Germany?

For more information

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