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About the Janisch family

Mike Blomquist’s mother was Jeralyn (Jeri) Margaret Scherer, daughter of Michael L. Scherer and Grace Janisch.

Mike's Janisch ancestors
Mike’s Janisch ancestors

The Janisch family lived on a farm in Pierce County, Wisconsin, which is southeast of the Twin Cities.

Pierce County, Wisconsin
Pierce County, Wisconsin

The immigrant ancestor in the Janisch family was Joseph J. Janisch, who was born in Europe in 1851.


It is possible (but not certain) that the following passenger list from the Anna Delano (Bremen to New York, 1855) is Joseph’s family. If so, the record indicates that they were farmers from¬†“Ungarn” (Hungary) headed for Wisconsin.

Janisch family on a passenger list of the Anna Delano (1855)
Janisch family on a passenger list of the Anna Delano (1855)

Ancestor surnames

  • Birkel
  • Janisch
  • Steinhauser

Unanswered questions about the Janisch family

  • When did Mathilda G. Steinhauser move from Pennsylvania (where she was born) to Minnesota?
  • Where did Joseph J. Janisch live in Germany (or was it Hungary)?

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