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About the Hayward family

The Haywards are Rick Livengood’s father’s maternal ancestors. Rick’s grandmother is Jeanette C. Hayward, daughter of James S. Hayward and Mollie Clifford.

Rick's Hayward ancestors
Rick’s Hayward ancestors

Jeanette was born in Jamestown, New York.

Jamestown, New York
Jamestown, New York

James S. Hayward owned various businesses in Jamestown: for example, in 1900 he owned a hotel. The following partial record from the 1900 U.S. census includes James’s wife, Molly, and daughter, Jenette [Jeanette], his brother Lynn (who was the bartender), and various hotel employees (those listed as “servant”).

1900 U.S. census record for James S. Hayward
1900 U.S. census record for James S. Hayward

Rick’s immigrant ancestor was Benjamin Hayward, his 4x great-grandfather, who was born in England in 1767. From 1781 to 1784 Benjamin fought on the American side in the Revolutionary War. Below is one page of an application for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution that was filed in 1940 by Rick’s first cousin 2x removed, Walter Gifford Hayward, who was also a descendant of Benjamin.

Application for membership in Sons of the American Revolution
Application for membership in Sons of the American Revolution

Benjamin’s son, also named Benjamin (Rick’s 3x great-grandfather) was born in Connecticut in 1795. He fought in the War of 1812, where he served in Captain Chester Barrow’s New York Militia. The image below is his widow Olive’s application for Benjamin’s military pension. (There is some confusion over whether Olive’s maiden name was Richardson or Hicks.)

Olive Richardson Hayward's pension application
Olive Richardson Hayward’s pension application

Rick’s 2x great-grandfather was also Benjamin Hayward. In 1870 he was proprietor of a stage line in Titusville, Pennsylvania, and in 1880 he owned a livery stable in Ellicott, New York.

Ancestor surnames

  • Clifford
  • Hayward
  • Hicks (?)
  • Richardson (?)
  • Way

The Hayward surname has been used multiple times as a first of middle name in the family:

  • Robert Hayward Livengood, Rick’s father
  • Robert Hayward Livengood, Rick’s half-brother
  • Richard Hayward Livengood, Rick
  • Hayward Matthew Livengood, Rick’s son

Unanswered questions about the Haywards

  • Was Benjamin Hayward Jr.’s wife Olive Hicks or Olive Richardson?
  • Jeanette and Donald were apparently divorced sometime between 1932 and 1935. What was the actual year of that event?
  • Jeanette’s second husband’s surname was McInerney (he was known as “Mac”). What was his actual given name? At some point they moved to Santa Clara County, California, and they both died there in the early 1970s. What are the details of their marriage, move, and death?
  • Donald’s second wife was Frances (middle initial “K”). What was her maiden name and prior husband’s surname? Did she and her first husband have any children?

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