William and Catherine Moseley

Happy birthday to my great grandmother Catherine Burns Moseley

July 30th is the birthday of my great-grandmother Catherine Burns. Catherine was the mother of my maternal grandfather, Edward Moseley. She was born in Ireland on July 30, 1865. It is likely she was born in County Meath near Dublin. Catherine is where I get my Irish roots.

Catherine came to the US in the 1870s. In 1875, she, her parents, and her five siblings were living in Scipio, New York, which is 12 miles south of Auburn, New York, near Lake Owasco.

Catherine had a short life. She married my great-grandfather William Moseley in 1882, and in that same year my grandfather Edward was born to them in Auburn. She had five children altogether (two died in infancy), the last in 1888, and she died of consumption in 1889 at the age of 23.

Catherine’s younger sister, Anna, who was William Moseley’s second wife, died of the same disease.

The picture above was taken shortly after her wedding. She bears a remarkable resemblance to my sister, Karen!

Image of Card from Catherine Burn's funeral
Card from Catherine’s funeral

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