Happy birthday to my grandfather, Edward Moseley

My grandfather, Edward Moseley, was born September 21, 1882, in Auburn, New York. His father, William Moseley, was born in England and his mother, Catherine Burns, was born in Ireland. His mother died when he was only 7 years old.

Edward was about 5′ 3″ tall, and because of his short height was nicknamed “Shorty”. He was generally cheerful and energetic during most of his life. He could still run when he was 70.

Grandpa was in the Navy from 1903 to 1907. He served in the Pacific during the Philippine Insurrection that followed the Spanish-American war. Although he was never in combat, he served on a cruiser and three battleships. When he left the Navy, he was a carpenter’s mate. The ship below is one of those he served on.

image of USS Ohio BB-12
USS Ohio BB-12

Grandpa married my grandmother Louise Rebmann in 1917. They lived in Tonawanda, NY, until the early 1950s.

Edward, Louise and Lillian Moseley 1918

By the time I was born, Edward worked as a carpenter at Lake Erie Engineering Works in Buffalo, New York. He built the packing cases for hydraulic presses.

My grandparents moved to San Diego in the 50s and lived in a small house built onto the back of our house at 2046 Dayton Drive in Lemon Grove. There, Grandpa turned our yard into by far the most beautiful in the neighborhood. He loved plants and the Lemon Grove climate, and he even built us a greenhouse full of exotic plants.

Grandpa died in 1958 in Lemon Grove, California.

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