Selma Rebmann

Happy birthday, Aunt Selma!

Next week (on November 23, 2017), is the 124th birth anniversary of my great-aunt, Selma Rebmann Steckelberg. Selma was my mother’s aunt, born in Buffalo, New York. She also died in Buffalo on October 3, 1974. Selma and my grandmother Louise were very close, and she was also a special relative to me.

Aunt Selma lived with my Moseley grandparents at 36 Broughton St. in Tonawanda after she was divorced from Henry Steckelberg. I saw her often while I was still living in New York state.

Selma was an excellent card player; she was once the New York state pinochle champion. We have an old newspaper clipping that describes her winning the state championship.

Aunt Selma used to give me stamps for the stamp collection that I had when I was a kid. Many of them were Polish, and I believe she got them from somebody in the Catholic Church. Even after my family moved to San Diego, she sent me stamps in the mail. In fact, most of my boyhood stamp collection came from her.

Stamp letter from Aunt Selma
Stamp letter from Aunt Selma

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