Mount Umunhum

Exploring Mount Umunhum

The day before Thanksgiving (November 22, 2017) Dick and I and most of the Livengoods drove up to see the latest Midpeninsula Open Space phenomenon, Mount Umunhum. The mountain is one of the highest in the Bay Area at about 3500 feet.

View from Mt Umunhum

Radar cube

It’s been a special place for the Ohlone and other Native Americans for thousands of  years, and for about the last 50 it was a military radar station. It’s also special to me because when I was teaching at Camden High School some of my students lived there. I remember several times when the students got to leave school early so they could be bused up the mountain before a storm hit and snowed them out.

Just last month the renovated mountain peak and repaved road leading to it opened as a public park, and we had plenty of company up top. Since you can see the cement radar cube from most of Silicon Valley, lots of people have been curious about the restoration work, which has gotten publicity in the local press.

We thought the park people have done a great job, and we plan to return soon do to some serious hiking.

View from Mt Umunhum