Corona Diary #16: Three cheers for indoor seating at Grossman’s!

For the past week restaurants in Sonoma County have been able to open for indoor seating at 25% – yay!!!

Although outdoor seating is definitely preferable to picnicking in the back of the car, it can be a little uncomfortable in cold, wet weather.

Since the pandemic was already in full swing when we moved here, we had never actually sat down in what’s become our favorite, “go-to” restaurant in downtown Santa Rosa: Grossman’s.

Although their patio is very nice, it was a real treat last week to dine indoors in an entirely civilized manner.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of any of their mouth-watering dishes to show you; the beverage photo below will have to do for now. We’ll be going back soon, for sure, and I’ll try to remember to take more pictures.