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One of our favorite websites: Prairie Ecologist

I’m sure many of you are as sick and tired of the usual day’s “news” as we are. If so, we have a recommendation: The Prairie Ecologist ( https://prairieecologist  ), a blog written by Chris Helzer, the Nature Conservancy’s Director of Science in Nebraska.

Chris works on land management issues and raises awareness about the value of prairies and prairie conservation through his photography, writing, and presentations.

His photos are spectacular (especially his close-ups), and his writing is charming and full of subtle humor and wisdom. Yes, nature is also a dog-eat-dog world (or should I say “bug eat plant” world), but it can be a lot more interesting than the “dog-eat-dog” world (or should I say “Reps-eat-Dems” world) that exhausts and depresses us these days.