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About the Arras family

Mike Blomquist’s paternal grandmother was Jennie Dorothy Arras. Nothing is known about Jennie’s mother except that her maiden name was Patsuk.

Mike's Arras ancestors
Mike’s Arras ancestors

According to the 1940 U.S. Census, Jennie Arras was born in Poland.


In the late 1920s both Jennie and her future husband, Henry Edward Blomquist, were working for Brown & Bigelow, a promotional products company headquartered in St. Paul. Perhaps that is where they met. The company still exists and continues to make products like clocks, pens, and advertising calendars.

Another young woman with the surname of Arras (Mary R.) was also working at Brown & Bigelow in 1927 and 1928. Both Jennie and Mary were living at the time at 369 Edmund Ave.

Jennie and Mary Arras in the 1927 St Paul City Directory
Jennie and Mary Arras in the 1927 St Paul City Directory

Here is what 369 Edmund Ave looks like today.

369 Edmund Ave W, St Paul, MN
369 Edmund Ave W, St Paul, MN (Courtesy of Google Maps)

Ancestor surnames

  • Arras
  • Patsuk

Unanswered questions about the Arras family

  • Where did the Arras family live in Poland?
  • When did they immigrate to the United States?
  • What was Jennie’s mother’s given name?
  • What was Jennie’s father’s given name?
  • Was Mary Arras Jennie’s sister?

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