Talented youngsters

Three young family members got to show off their considerable musical and artistic talents recently.

In the featured image above, Miranda (on the right) is playing “Sonata in A Minor” by Domenico Scarlatti as a duet for the opening number in her Vanguard Youth Percussion Ensemble concert. The event was about a week ago. Miranda managed to do music performance along with a full load of college classes.

We didn’t get to hear it live, but Helena’s piano recital was today (May 18, 2019) in Minnesota. She played Scott Joplin’s “Entertainer.” Helena has put in a lot of time practicing this year, and she’s jumped to a whole new level of difficulty.

Helena and her piano teacher
Helena and her piano teacher

The Blomquists’ foster daughter, Izzy, was able to secure a spot in the high school art show for one of her paintings. I love her personal artistic style and bright colors.

Izzy and her painting

Izzy's painting

Congratulations to all — we are very proud of you!

Vanguard Youth Percussion Ensemble concert